Saturday, April 30, 2005

Give Me That Urine Sample Container

Dear readers, when was the last time you had this feeling?

I'm fed-up with your cold spanking
Metals probing my every orifice
Can we get on with the interrogation?

Haha.. have a great long weekend.

Have to go for pre-employment medical checkup. I was supposed to do so in the first week, but was kinda of busy. No point trying to delay this process because the inevitable crap of it all.

Tsk! This is so uber 'leceh'. It's not like I'm on drugs or promiscuous or anything like that.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Minority Report

I lost my IC – last Tuesday – and I've yet to make a report. Now I know one should make a police report immediately but I've been having this wishful thinking that it'd turn up at the most opportune place, you know. But it's not like I misplaced it in the house you see, that's the worrisome part.

I lost many things when I was in primary school. Wallets, library books, toys, water bottles, P.E. shorts, toothbrush were some of the lost items and as a boy, I got worried sick each time that happened. In retrospect I think I fret over many petty things. Now that I'm fucking old I've completely ignored to tap into that emotion. And no I'm not saying IC is a petty thing, it's just that I've had enough of worrying.

Bleah… now I have to go to the police station first thing tomorrow morning. Thought I could wake up late but alas.. alas. I hope the police will not be amused. They'd probably give me a half-baked lecture for not reporting the loss earlier. Handcuff me already.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Let's Be Up front About It!

If only you knew the number of years you'd be working for someone.

This Is For

One of the main reasons I left TT was because I just can't envision myself hitting 40 years old and still work in a darn call center. I need to get out of that place pronto. I joined TT since 2000 and up to 2004, I believed I have maxed-up my stay in that industry by learning and practising all there was to know in my line of work. Plus things did not look good as there was a dearth of good mentors in TT that were relevant to my field, so I pratically had no one to look up to and learn more about my work scope and how I could contribute beyond. It's a long story, but it's not an excuse. I did what I had to do.

So late January this year I answered an ad to work for a public sector. Some people thought it was career suicide, others thought if the benefits and pay were good - go for it! For me it is the "Job Satisfaction." Now I know, I know, that is corny, but really, all this time I never thought that this phase in my working life would kick in.

I regard this as a career-transition and I'm happy to have found it before I'm too decrepit and unmotivated. It's not easy deciding to leave your comfort zone; and now that the weeks leading to my last days at TT are over, I can truly appreciate friends who have left TT to expand and pursue their goals in life. So this entry is dedicated to Ann, Chris, Ade, Elliot and Qi - former colleagues who have inspired me to act.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

If You Ever Left Your Workplace, This Is How a Farewell Dinner Should Be ...

Last night at tCC was really fun with almost all my fav peeps gathered to 'see me off' TT. The food and drinks were ok but the company was better. Well I can't say much about them you know because how do you start to even express your thanks to persons who have contributed to your well being both as a colleague and a friend? I just can't. I got too much mixed feelings yesterday and I was disquietly subdued.

The afternoon was spent with aimless surfing. At about 5pm though, I received 2 separate calls from sites in KL. They were from Mala and Michelle Ann. Thanks and keep up the awesome work ladies. Just before doing my farewell rounds at SPC, Ed and I did our goodbyes. Juls would me meet at tCC so he reserved his goodbyes for later. I sent out a final email of thanks to some peeps, switched off my PC and logged off from the phone. And then it was off to the restaurant with Noor, Rizal and Yusmi.

While we were on our way Qi called up to say she was too ill to come. That's OK sis. I got there to find Elliot, Juls, Miche, Teresa and Jason already making themselves comfortable. If I may, the ambience was 'damn relak one corner.' The rest started to arrive. Chris, Maureen and her daughter, Ann and her BF, Cliff and Jean. Sharon came rather late. But I was glad she made it coz I felt I had to come clean with her for keeing my resignation a secret.

The group gave me a card with some pretty serious heartfelt messages and a scroll displaying old photos of the gang. Awesome. Too cool, too cool. At one stage I was standing there in the restaurant reading the messages and I nearly wanted to bawl.

Nearing midnight and the group dwindled to Miche, Maureen & her daughter, Sharon, Juls, Cliff and Jean. The conversation or should I say 'toking cock' however remained till 1am? or 1am 'ish'? I can't remember.

So this is it folks. Thank you. Friends forever.

Friday, April 15, 2005


My security card and key to the 'fishtank.'

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Bagful of Personal Belongings

It has been a relaxing day, sort of. Those whom I'm not close with at the workplace started to come forward and ask if there was any truth in my going away. One in particular, came by while I was busy emptying my drawer. You see I have this built-in aloof trait most people dismiss as arrogance or unfriendly or cold or whatever - so it takes a curious incident of emptying one's drawer to start the conversation. I said yes but in my mind I was like – ahuh, anytime you happen to pass my cubicle, I’ll appreciate it. I know I can be so fussy, but that guy can really talk louder that a TV commercial.

In the morning I received an email from a group of colleagues. They request that I be free tomorrow evening. Hmm... they must be planning something behind my back, but as usual there was always someone that 'pecah lobang.' I shan't mention names but let me tell you this group is cute and amiable like that. Gonna miss them dearly.

Then at about noon, an ex-colleague sms me. Dear Ade, thanks for the message. You always manage to put in some precious, encouraging words. Also, another ex-colleague contacted me, this time via email. Yes sister Qi, I like doing things quietly. Especially if it’s my resignation. All the best in your exams.

At four I conducted my last calibration session with some newbies. And maybe I was in such a good ROD mood or what I ended up being rather lenient on their calls. But it was a good thing my replacement voiced out otherwise. So that turned out well as usual – will definitely miss the banter with agents, Team Leaders, seniors, coaches and opinionated dumb-fucks.

At about five it was a desperate rush to stuff all my personal belongings in my haversack. I couldn't imagine having all those stuff accumulated over the years. I hate organising the contents in my drawer, preferring instead to just horde everything in one place, that way I can still have the excuse to use the word rummage you see. Anyways I was in such a rush that I may unknowingly slip in a stapler! Heheh.

The urgency was due to the 8 pm play, Boeing Boeing. Maureen, Ann, Ed and I had dinner at Pastamania at Funan center and that roughly left us about ten minutes to walk to Victoria. So that was it, some quality time-out with friends, I thought. It makes me wonder what tomorrow evening will be like.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Hours

I'm counting the hours to this Friday and I'm doing so within a mind cell.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I Found My Replacement

Less than 14 days more to go before I start with the new job. I wouldn't call this anxiety, because I won't know exactly what that is, so I'm just going to put it to listlessness. Tomorrow I begin the training proper for my replacement - I'll see how that go. I think she's a fast learner, and is more than qualified for the post. All I want is that the training to go on-song without a hitch and without any of my virgo perfectionist sensibilities scaring the hell out of her.

It's not easy training a newbie, and it's certainly not easy pleasing anal folks like me. I've contributed to the department and have basically set The Standard - so it's only natural that I want this person to carry on the torch.