Saturday, January 03, 2009

Seven Deadly Anxiety List

Ok let's get paranoid and destabilise for a moment. This is my 2009 New Year Seven Deadly Anxiety list.

1. Raed Zikry is growing fast and he's a bundle of energy -- sometimes I wonder if old me would be able to keep up.

2. The place @ in-laws is getting a bit restricted for the three of us. Doesn't help that I'm always thinking of our home which would only be ready in the 3rd qtr of this year.

3. Sharing my reading list with M -- which may be a bit too much for my luv since I want the both of us to discover new possibilities "together-gether".

4. I've been putting creative writing on hold since leaving TeleTech. The itch gets bigger and I've yet to crank up a decent paragraph or verse. Fatherhood is not an excuse.

5. Putting on hold no. 2 --- resume guitar lessons or practice it, and taking up an art skill at NAFA. Again, fatherhood is not an excuse. And I'm done with academics, not going to take my masters. Ptui!!

6. Changes at the workplace -- a new boss. Actually I'm really liking this a lot, what being a OD practioner and as a change agent.

7. My colleague is hurt with a back injury --- please have a speedy recovery, Insya'Allah... I'm hoping we can do much mayhem together at the workplace.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Since 6 months ago...

So much has happened in our lives that I can't begin to start, or describe what's happened since. The absence from blogging, not withstanding, hadn't made me any more motivated to write; it has made me realised that I have not been doing any justice maintaining it -- that's even worse. But the heart has a special way of assuaging my lack of constancy in blogging and it tells me that I am simply consumed with my new role as a father. And so at this unearthly hour, when Raed Zikry is sleeping next to me, (in the middle) and with M at the other side of the bed, I think I can spare a few good minutes; at least for the new year, writing this down. So here goes.

I think I can begin this entry by stating that Marriage Life Can Be Tough!, but hey I'm not complaining. Though we've stumbled upon some very difficult family times, I am thankful that M was there with me to weather it all. We had some rough patches indeed, urgh! and those were life lessons for me to try to be a better person. Sometimes I have a feeling that M may be surprised by my certain behaviours which were no doubt non-existent before we were married, and I've even commented in jest that the man she is married to is no longer 'the same' person. M could only concur with much humour at my confession! Haha... I love you sayang...!

Coming back from work is always something I look forward to nowadays. My thoughts on how the baby is doing or what his developments are for the day would always be in my mind. No longer a workaholic -- ! I try to cram in everything during office hours and log off immediately! And after I fetch M from her workplace, one of the topics we'd have in the car-ride home will be about the baby. Yes, that's how it has been like for the past few months. Some pics below.