Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ferris Wheel @ Causeway Point

The night I became a kid and M enthused like a thrill junkie. Lol! The ferris wheel was nothing out of the ordinary, but the view was a breath of fresh air. I could almost see where I live, almost. M's Dopod camera was a letdown. Heheh sorry luv... but my Stealth still kicks ass!

June is almost here and I could feel the big day in my life. There are times certain mundane tasks are made bearable when I daydreamed through them. And I don't think all that mental preparation we continuously go through will prepare us 100% for marriage but that's just it -- you learn. I respect the future but I'm so over worrying about losing my freedom and independence.

And yes I'm concerned about the responsibility involved but that's a shared concern with M as well. Someone says that it's good that you're concerned. That means that you're thinking, and that you're not foolish enough to believe that love will conquer all other problems.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Who needs dinner when you can have a Ramly! There's a night bazaar next to Woodlands Causeway Point, and for the past 3 nights [except for last night as I was with M] I've been stuffing it with a Ramly burger on the way walk home. There's no trick to selecting a stall -- in my case I just go to the one which has a shorter queue. Forget about joining a longer queue because that's a great fallacy I'm telling you. Numbers don't mean a thing as Singaporean are easily herded like cattles. Really, from experience, I find that generally Ramly burgers here consistently taste the same.