Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tiny Soles

Mushy ahead.

One of the favorite things I'd like to do now is look at him and try to spot a faint smile or grin on his face. And so, on many occasion then, when my time permits, I'd standby my handphone to catch that priceless moment. Apparently I'm not fast enough because before I knew it, there it was, yet again, a fleeting smile. Each encounter has brought both M and I much fuzziness in our hearts and we'd always concur that he had either dreamt of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or was teased by an angel.

Last night I took a pic of his feet. And as I held his tender feet against the lines and creases of experience of my palm a sense of wonderment crept up in me. I felt his tender vulnerability of it all and my desire to protect and shelter him at that moment was rather strong. I thought it was silly of me to be feeling that way when mothers all over the world would experience similar if not much more intense and complex feelings when breastfeeding their infants.

And so this is how fathers connect to their infant at this stage. We're sometimes if not all the times, relegated to 'other' tasks and I'm not surprise some fathers may have breastfeed envy. Haha...

Tiny sole shall walk the Right path. Insya'Allah.


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At 9:39 am, Anonymous the:Dreamer said...


Yah, I've heard of breastfeed envy before, lol...
Please continue to share... I love these stories from first-time parents who are my friends...


At 11:20 pm, Blogger Dennis said...

Красивое фото, это так мило :)


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