Saturday, September 22, 2007

Good Advice

It has been more than a month since I got married in August. 11 & 12 August to be exact. Well, well, how now brown cow? Hahaha.... Some folks at my workplace just can't stop making amiable jokes out of me. I'm saying amiable because there isn't a ounce of malice or ill-intention behind them, still, some of them had indeed made me reeling in laughter at the ridiculous sounding jibes they tried to pass as advice for the newly married man in their company.

Consider this advice, that in the month of Ramadan, you should break your fast when you feel the torturous and amorous need to be intimate with your wife. Haha... I've heard of that one eversince I was a school boy attending weekend religious class, but I never thought it would one day have much relevance to my life until now. I have a rather active imagination, so the torturous and 'gersang' feeling happens almost every now and then. Lol! Some advice are just too bawdy to have them written here, but I really appreciate them for their candour and sincerity.

I'd say marriage has given me a much calmer outlook as a person and appreciate what I have in my life even more intensely. It makes me think on a deeper level that my actions and speech will have a direct impact on my spouse's pysche and being.

Selamat berbuka puasa!


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