Thursday, June 28, 2007

Passionate People Rejuvenate

Of late, it seems that every passing day is met which so much resistance, especially so when I'm about to go to work. Yet when I'm in the office that feeling is blocked out because you know things must get done. Someone says passionate people don't get burn out; they rejuvenate. How I wish I could do this at a whim. I think there were instances where I felt a tremendous sense of blah! and I ended up shifting down a gear or two. In other words I relaxed too much. Is that normal?

I've been watching 2x5 Dol on tv. I don't quite like the programme at first because of the exaggerated mannerisms the lead actors say or act their lines. I don't get them. Are they told to act that way just because it's a comedy? Sorry, but I'm from the Christine Hakim school of thought. So it certainly took me sometime to appreciate the show and its brand of humour. Have to admit there were some episodes that were funny and after watching them I began to think of the various comic and awkward moments I might be getting into after we're married. One think for sure M will not call me Bi, short for hubby. Naik bulu roma ku!

The past weeks had me toggling between work and preparing for the big day. At my end I managed to settle the invitation card, the caterer and deco, and the hantaran/gifts. The card was ordered in KL and was a 'gift' from a sibling residing there. Thank you sis and your family for putting the finishing touches. Wish I could spend more time in KL!

p.s. Does the Colosseum beckon us?

Or somewhere exotic and tranquil whisper our respite?



At 4:26 pm, Blogger raimie said...

ooo...tough choice dude...& it's hard for me too if u ask me...hehehe...


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