Saturday, July 21, 2007

I've Been A Good Boy

Went to SingPost today with the intention of posting my invitation cards and buying some more stamps. Got this weird feeling that I might miss out on some friends but I kept telling myself, this batch of cards has to go out by today. I've been sms'ing' names in my hdp but some have yet to reply with their mailing addys. At least 2 replied they won't be able to come. Thank you. That makes it so much easier for me, doesn't it?

August is approaching and I've finally got the destination & package that we want to go after the wedding, confirmed. That's a big relief. If the pictures and reviews in the net are of any indicators.... I can't wait. Can't tahan. Can't sleep.

Plus I've been a good boy lately. Commonsense tells me that I need to radiate an energy of serenity and peace so that I have an uplifting effect on those I come into contact with. There have been some trying moments which I think are, in a karmic way, part of the unconscious & negative energy I gave out to the world and it's payback time, I guess. I'd do my penance now than later, please.


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