Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Loyalist Complaint

Kind of a misnomer isn’t it. Well, it’s exactly the tag I’d give to some ex-colleagues who chose to stay put and be magnanimous by riding the tough times with the company, the very same company which retrenched and gave them a severance package only the village idiot can be happy about.

I see a distinct line between that company’s bottomline and employees’ welfare. It’s not blurred to me. For me it’s purely a matter of taking care of my own fate by allowing the choice to move on. No point in sidling up with the higher echelons. Your sycophantic gestures are not appreciated here; or were you hoping that they’ll take care of you? Tough luck.

And yes, I don’t believe in employees’ prolong loyalty towards the workplace. There’s something wrong with that notion, lest you’re a Robinson staff or whatever – you should not overstay your welcome, knowing that the company has not been performing rosily since 2005; that should have been the alert button for you. Why endure and wait the impending? Why come up with all that stoics “I stayed on and believed when others have left”crap?

No doubt this industry has equipped you with the experience and exposure in your chosen field and hence you are the experts. But you, of all people should be aware that the call center industry is one dynamic entity that has a definite shelf-life. Move on already! Others have made that successful transition -- you too, can.


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