Thursday, January 01, 2009

Since 6 months ago...

So much has happened in our lives that I can't begin to start, or describe what's happened since. The absence from blogging, not withstanding, hadn't made me any more motivated to write; it has made me realised that I have not been doing any justice maintaining it -- that's even worse. But the heart has a special way of assuaging my lack of constancy in blogging and it tells me that I am simply consumed with my new role as a father. And so at this unearthly hour, when Raed Zikry is sleeping next to me, (in the middle) and with M at the other side of the bed, I think I can spare a few good minutes; at least for the new year, writing this down. So here goes.

I think I can begin this entry by stating that Marriage Life Can Be Tough!, but hey I'm not complaining. Though we've stumbled upon some very difficult family times, I am thankful that M was there with me to weather it all. We had some rough patches indeed, urgh! and those were life lessons for me to try to be a better person. Sometimes I have a feeling that M may be surprised by my certain behaviours which were no doubt non-existent before we were married, and I've even commented in jest that the man she is married to is no longer 'the same' person. M could only concur with much humour at my confession! Haha... I love you sayang...!

Coming back from work is always something I look forward to nowadays. My thoughts on how the baby is doing or what his developments are for the day would always be in my mind. No longer a workaholic -- ! I try to cram in everything during office hours and log off immediately! And after I fetch M from her workplace, one of the topics we'd have in the car-ride home will be about the baby. Yes, that's how it has been like for the past few months. Some pics below.


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