Monday, May 29, 2006

The Sick Man

everyday is a winding road
was he even here yesterday?


the thought of her crossed

his mind

and the scent in his palm
flowed through his veins
as the night said it's late, too late

all while

he's walking the path home.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hahahaa... American Idol finale this year is really one big mess. First they voted in Katherine McShriek and America got duped by her father's crocodile tears. WTF, never in my life I've seen a grownup man so fu#king 'cengeng' -- crybaby. He's been at it almost every week. It's a huge turnoff, really.

And now after listening to the finalists' so-called new singles -- I do hope he cries even harder because the songs, especially his daughter's My Destiny was one bad, insipid music. Not even all that Boston Conservatory education & training could save her sorry pretentious ass.

McShriek's good when she's singing straight-on melodies that have an intimate feel to them. She however cannot do runs, cannot do Whitney. She cannot sing ballads with lush accompaniment and to have the choir backing her up was just a waste of time! Isn't it wonderful that the AI producers chose to magnify her weakness this way?

I'm just glad my favourite, least-appreciated, least-pimped, Elliott went out last week -- sparing him further agony from all that machiavellian AI ways. Lol! Now I'm speaking like a bitter Elliott fan. Hahahaa...

I guess geriatric-looking Taylor's the AI5.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I was so close in my decision to not waking up at all this morning, but I remembered I had to do the Big Walk with some colleagues. I hate trading off Sunday mornings with this mass orgy. More so after coming home late the previous night.

Watched The Da Vinci Code with M. Thank goodness they've made the film because I've always wanted to know what's the big hoopla was with Dan Brown's book. I may have the patience and tenacity to read Middlemarch and Ulysses but not necessarily the right frame of mind for Code. I'm a snob like this, I know.

Anyways, now I know why most Catholics and Christians are up in arm on this. The book is essentially about the search for the Holy Grail and Dan Brown's theory of the Sacred Feminine is provocative. Who would have thought that Christ wanted a woman to lead the Church?

The Church's presentation of Mary Magdalene as a not very wholesome person and who was always associated with the dangers of the flesh is pretty obvious to even a non-Christian like myself. In western literature canon some authors depict her as a whore. In this form, she typified the prevailing attitudes towards women and sex. Hell, there was a lot of misogyny back then.

Another central question is Christ's resurrection. The book, [in the film, at least] through various dialogues suggest otherwise. This is important stuff for Christians because their whole faith depends on it. If Christ be not risen, then what? The Christian religion is meaningless without a resurrection to look forward to.

And what about Brown's Sacred Feminine? The book purports the bloodline of Christ that still lives! Through Mary, no less! This novel advocates the thesis that Jesus was in fact married to Mary Magdalene, that they had a child together, and that this "truth" was covered up by the church for self-serving reasons.

Urgh... I think I stop here and type something irrelevant now.

I love Audrey Tautou in Amelie, Dirty Pretty Things and The Long Engagement. And now I had the pleasure of watching her in The Da Vinci Code.

Leonardo' genius

The mind sees what it chooses wants to see. I'd really love to see this magnificent work.

But I did get the chance to see this in Lourve. Overated and one scary "lady". Rubenesque was definitely 'in' during Leonardo's time. I told M I don't care for 'over-fleshy' women at all. Lol!

Tautou. Hmmpff! Much better!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm Not What I Have ...

Hello there.

A colleague of mine had given birth to a beautiful baby girl last 26 April. Marvellous! And I'm only finding the time to blog about this now. Pathetic indeed.

Since then the PAP returned to government with a new mandate.

Gomez got grilled by the police. What do you expect?

And in where I live, a cluster of flats in Woodlands will finally get the lift stopovers on every floors. I'm so thrilled.

Iran's Ahmadinejad visited Indonesia to step up his ante on the country nuclear program. Arabisation, and protest-proned students of Indonesia adored him.

Celebrated my old man's birthday last Sunday!

Went out with M on a hot-air balloon. Hah! The balloon went up real high, but it was static. The urban landscape however was breathtaking.

Finally watched The Return, a film by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Did I get the spelling right?

Have not been practising.

Merapi has erupted.

My lovehandles are not cooperating lately. They're so unsightly on just about every angle I look in the mirror. Hah!

And I'm pushing fast to complete a project plus the external audit looms next week. Encountered some bizarre staff behaviour during an internal ISO audit but, whatever! The show must go on.

The last time I checked I'm still barely breathing, it's not that bad, really.

I'm not what I have and I'm not what I do.

Turning old school now -- listening to Prince's Purple Rain followed by some Gymnopedie no 1 & 3.