Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dopamine Hap Hits

The Singapore 2006 IMF/World Bank Group, Board of Governors Annual Meeting is next month. I've been assigned liaison duties to one of the Western African States for the upcoming S2006 and already some of my work schedules have to be tinkered so I could finish my own work. Right now I'm spending a bit of time off googleing the country to find out more information and of course its Head of Delegation.

I'm so tempted to drop a note to our trainers and request some vital info but we've been urged to do this ourselves before exercising that option. I'm giving myself end of the week before I start to do that, then again, I may just continue to write in to the appropriate consul for help.

The workplace, that is our staff recreation club is organizing a family day September 2 & 4. Now that's another event I'm looking forward to despite all the hectic preparation we've had. I'm just not looking forward to come to work on the following Monday where there will be another series of briefings and familiarisation for the whole week for volunteers in the S2006. Because I think fatigue will be my comeuppance, I have to take care of my body and not exert too much stimuli. Lol! I'm not kidding!

INTJs like me have a longer stimuli pathway and are highly sensitive to dopamine or Hap Hits. Too much of these and we'd be over-stimulated and INTJs cannot have these too often! What I need to do is to energy-conserve just so I could go out there at the right time and at the right place and have fun while doing all these work.

Current reading:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
Why Human Have Cultures - Explaining Anthropology & Social Diversity by Michael Carrithers
Project Management Demystified by Sid Kemp, PMP

For the first time this season I managed to watch an episode of Singapore Idol in its entirety. The contestants sang two numbers tonight and at this stage only Hadi and Johnathan deserve to be in the final.

The rest of the contestants have tone-deaf fans! Sorry.