Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not The Last Train

Disruption -- No train service. Everytime when this happens you always wander what the technical problem is. The trains here are reliable most of the time, I should say. And you hardly get any technical glitches during peak hours. So what's the cause? Another case or a jumper?

Train services from Sembawang to Yio Chu Kang this morning went awol for nearly an hour, I think. But really, it was quite a sight to see all that people milling around the station.

Needless to say I was uber late coming in office this morning. And for this I still say that I'm fortunate and thankful.

If you missed the train in this lifetime, there'd be always another one coming along.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


If you stick it in long enough you'll get over it. Lol! All I wanted was to complete my NS and Reservist liability with no fuss, no accidents and no drama. Thank God that happen.

I'm no longer required to do reservist trainings and all that dawned upon me when my unit sent me a letter saying that I will be posted out from 1GSMB to MR [AGE GRP] RPC with effect from blah blah blah. I got a couple of SMSs from some reservist buddies about the letter and we all agreed that that was it, you know - GAME OVER. Haha.. The significance of that didn't really go down in me until two weeks ago I took a long lunch just to collect a token of appreciation the unit gave each of us. There was a ceremony held earlier on just for my cohorts but I chose not to attend. The unit clerk called me and I told him I'd think about it.

Anyways this was what we got - a box set containing a Hamilton watch, a pin, a medal and a certificate. Sigh... there goes another chapter in my life. I still can remember vividly the first day, fresh from Tekong, I got into OETI, Ayer Rajah Camp to be trained as a vehicle mechanic. Those who were trained there and happen to stumble upon this blog may well know the less desired acronym for OETI. I'm not gonna type it in here. Lol!

It was then to Gloucester Camp for a brief period then to Changi Camp, where I finished off the remains of my NS life. Oh my goodness! That was another complete riot, colourful, fun, and bittersweet period in my life. We didn't have blogspot back then. Haha. So I think I shall blog about that whenever it pleases me to do so.