Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Place

I feel there is no excuse for not writing. The last entry was in last January 2009 --that has been quite a while I almost forgot the password to this space. I had wanted to resume writing after the shift to our new home last August 9th, but alas, alas, we haven't got the internet connection yet.

Raed Zikry has been growing at a fast rate. It seems that he was just learning to roll or crawl yesterday but M & I know how blessed we are to have him with us. He learned to walk by the 11 month, and now at 13 month old, he's begun to learn some words such as “clock”, “car”, “tidor”, “ayah”, and understand some basic commands. My favourite is "Siapa nama Raed angkat tangan?" and so he will raise both his arms in the air in full anticipation from us. Another favorite is when we say "Group huugg...!" and he will come to us to be in our embrace.

The Ramadan month is here with us. I just cannot help remembering that I was living with my in-laws at Senja Road during last Ramadan. And while couples got married on National Day, M and I moved into our very own new flat that Sunday 9 August. That was such a milestone in our lives and we thank all our family members (especially) M's side with the assistance.

The night before, (Saturday) at the new flat, we had a little Quran reading session with the help of my parents, eldest sister and her 3 children, my eldest brother and my FIL. I felt happy to be able to carry out this little piece of advice from my father. Moving in can be a difficult transition -- we are still coping with how best to adapt to the new home. Raed, especially, displayed behaviours that initially got us worried. I’ve never seen him so clingy before -- he would follow us whenever we go about in the house and demand our attention. But Alhamdulillah, he’s beginning to warm-up to the new environment.

The past week had seen us busy consolidating our belongings from the boxes we packed. I never thought we had all that possessions from a single room, not counting the items packed from my bachelor room at Woodlands – I’m beginning to think how to start afresh. For a start, I have so many books, and its about time to let go some of the attachments. Let me think.