Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pics from my O2

I haven't got that many pictures taken using my O2. The bulk of the pics come from my family members' cameras and our official photographer. The latter has yet to contact us to select the prints we want. So I guess that has to wait in good time. Meanwhile let me put these images into a sensible storyboard. Though much has happened before, between, and after these pics, I think that is about all that I can blog right now. :o)

The car ride back from solemnisation @ Ba'alwie mosque. Shakir and Ashraf donning the T-shirt specially made for Sunday reception. Click on the pic to see it clearly. All my nephews wore the same. That was loads of fun!

After the Sunday reception we made our way to the Conrad Centennial for a bit of 'alone' time. We were booked for the "yellow" room on the 17 th floor. The view and sunset was memorable.

The Conrad bear followed us home. The icing on the hantaran cake at home survived for the picture taking. Next -- Kima Bajo Resort & Spa at Manado, Sulawesi!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

11 and 12 August 2007

If in my private hours I always pray for the day to come and that I will be ready, yesterday indeed was a milestone in my life where I just felt I want to share the moment with everyone - family, friends, and relatives alike. The solemnisation at Ba'alwe mosque went very well. It was more that what I wished for.

It's a brand new day for me. I feel totally relaxed and peaceful, Subhan'Allah!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Minutes To a Really Long Leave

Got up rather early this morning. All because of the pre-national day celebration we had for staff. It was nothing compared to the big celebration we had last year at the stadium. But I still liked it a lot. It was succinct and nicely done.

I was away on course for the past 2 days at the CSC. So when I came back the inbox was already beckoning me to clear it as fast as possible. I scanned, deleted, answered them. Phew! Next it was the mid-year appraisal. I made some finishing touches on the document and soon began the session with my boss. Mission accomplished!

Just after noon time, the Kadi called me up to offer some instructions and advice. Thank goodness! I had actually contacted him last Saturday to confirm the solemnisation date and venue but he was unable to speak at length as he was at another function. So that alone was a great relief and I couldn't help smiling after the conversation.

It was about 12.30pm. I logged on the leave application system and submitted the dates. Got a bit of help from a colleague to submit the 3 days marriage leave entitlement. All in all, I shall be away for about 2 weeks. My conscience is clear, and I deserve this break, as advised by boss during the appraisal. Nothing felt as good as an endorsement at that moment.

The out-of-office is enabled. Had a brief chat with my Dir. Said some goodbyes to some colleagues. Got some last minute congratulations from some, and then I was good to go.

The afternoon bit seemed to have a collection theme on it. We went to collect the travel package arrangements. Then it was off to the bridal place for final fitting. I reminded M that I was already prepared to be a fussy person if the dresses and bajus aren't done well. Fortunately they turned out good. Next we headed to the photostudio to collect our pics. M spotted a missing pic and they corrected it on the spot. Then it was lunch at Hajah Maimunah's. An hour later we got in a taxi and I dozed off all the way to Senja.